Audio Cables with a Touch of Sorcery
Conjured up from inky blackness come musical images of breathtaking clarity. An enchanting blend of tonal delicacy and raw dynamic power create a three-dimensional world of stunning harmonic accuracy played out on a soundstage of eerily realistic proportions.

The spell is cast. It must be magic... Audio Magic.

Spellcasting with a Silver Wand
Audio Magic's revolutionary cable design has a secret ingredient long favored by music loving alchemists -- purest quality silver. The most naturally conductive of all metals, silver easily outperforms its more commonly used and less costly rival, copper, as a pathway for electrical signals. At the heart of Audio Magic cables and interconnects is a specially treated silver conductor, carefully polished to eliminate any surface imperfections that might impede current flow. The silver is then sealed inside a flexible PVC tubing in a proprietary Z-Core configuration that is the end product of years of Audio Magic's research and development. The result is a cable design that offers a musical experience of such astonishing clarity and detail that it can only be described in two words... Audio Magic.

Hand-crafted Enchantment
Hand craftsmanship is the hallmark of Audio Magic's approach to cable design and construction. Each piece of cable and interconnect that leaves Audio Magic's production facility carries with it the unmistakable stamp of old world attention to detail and workmanship. All Audio Magic cables are hand- constructed and must meet stringent quality control guidelines. Finest quality materials assembled by caring craftsman to produce the finest in audio interconnects and cables, that's no hocus pocus.

That's Audio Magic.

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