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Noise Canceling Speaker Clarifiers

One of the biggest problems in audio is the noise introduced into the audio by the electronic components themselves. Electrical interference and other noise often drown out the more subtle notes of music, and audiophiles spend a great deal of both time and money to dampen that noise. At Audio Magic, we take noise canceling seriously, and our speaker clarifiers are just one solution to the problem of pollution in our music.

Pulse Gen ZX

All stereo components, especially the digital ones generate noise internally. As the signal is passed through CD players to preamps, amps, and finally to the speakers, there is a wide range of noises added to the wires and amplified with the audio signal. The Pulse Gen ZX is designed to be placed inside each component to neutralize the noise more effectively than external, passive products. The 1.75" x 2.7" x 1" plastic box is installed inside the housing of powered components and connected to the IEC inlet for power. No matter how well designed a component is, our Pulse Gen ZX and remove noise and ensure the component performs at a higher level with more clarity, resolutions, and less noise.

Speaker Clarifier

A speaker clarifier is an active noise filter and signal conditioner that is not on the signal path. The device is simply placed on the speaker wire at the end that connects to the speaker or amp end and attached with a supplied plastic wire tie. Plug it into a 120v or 240v power supply and let it do its work. You can also Velcro the amplifier to the binding post of the speaker if you have a shield speaker cable.

Once plugged in, the Clarifier will emit a multi-frequency pulse that cancels noise in and around the speaker wire thus removing the noise artifact that rides the audio signal. What sonic improvements can you expect?

  • Expansive Soundstage, Both Side To Side & Front To Back
  • Much Smoother Presentation
  • More Detail
  • Much Improved Layering of the Performers
  • Bass Detail & Dynamics
  • The Most Musical Presentation You've Ever Heard Out Of Your System—In Fact, Once You Unhook the Clarifiers, Your System Will Sound Flat

Oracle 24

The Oracle 24 was created to totally clean the Hot, Neutral, and ground in your system as well as neutralize all ambient noise present in your room. This is a very powerful device and will take any system to new heights of clarity, dynamics, and staging. We also do a smaller version with half the power for small rooms called the Oracle 12.

B Black Out:

Black Out is our new addition to EMI and RF reduction, and this product simply gobbles up EMI and RF like nothing we have ever tried before. Black Out is a proprietary blend of 3 compounds that excel at removing noise and is very expensive to produce. While the cost to produce it is high, the results are worth the cost. Our Black Out line includes:

Black Out Tubes - Black Out for Tubes were designed to set around tubes to remove ambient noise as well as tube emissions.

Black Out Wraps - Black Out Wraps are designed to wrap around the ends of cables, power cords, video cords, and other interference-causing cables.

Black Out Paint - Black Out Anti-Vibration and Noise Control Paint can be applied to circuit boards and their components. In fact, use your imagination to find many other uses as well!

Black Out Duplexes - Starting with a premium Leviton duplex, we first cryo treat then nano-stream treat—but we don't stop there! We disassemble the duplex and apply a vibration control and black out paint to all contacts inside the duplex and surrounding walls to create the ultimate quiet duplex. The hot and negative contacts are all copper.