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Audio Magic

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About Us

At Audio Magic, we take great care to deliver only the highest quality components and handcrafted cables to ensure the best music experience possible. Audio Magic founder and owner Jerry Ramsey started his career in audio working at a retail stereo shop, where he sold and ordered cable for the company. He built his own sound system with these costly cables and found that every few months the companies would release new ones. Realizing this trend, he decided to try to build his own cable designs. This fascination and dedication to audio led to the creation of Audio Magic and, today, we are recognized as one of the leaders in high-quality stereo components.

As Audio Magic grew, we began offering other products, such as power clarifiers, fuses, amplifiers, and more. Today, we continue to create excellent products that allow our customers to smile as they enjoy music the way it's meant to be heard. Since 1990, we've taken pride in delivering only the finest equipment for a crystal clear listening experience and remain dedicated to pushing the limits of what audio equipment can deliver.

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