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Audio Magic

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Lasting Audio Cables & Fuses

Audio Magic cables and fuses will help you bring out every note in your music. We're proud to have created such fine equipment for your home audio, and we're sure you'll be able to hear the difference as you build a quality system that friends and family will both love and envy.

Super Fuse Bees Wax Ultimate

We are proud to introduce our New Ultimate SHD Bees Wax Fuse. We didn't think it could be any better, but our New "Ultimate" is world-class and then some! We are now using a push-pull I Core design instead of the single core, and we have upgraded our Black Out powder mixture for a broader noise absorption parameter. The New Ultimate is extremely difficult to build, considering we are drilling into both sides of the fuse, and sometimes it takes up to three tries to get one good fuse. But these audio fuses will give you tighter bass and yet sound relaxed with a very natural sound. The soundstage will become bigger and deeper, more detailed with better layering, and better micro detail, and all with a relaxed musical presentation. This is not a subtle upgrade from our original SHD Fuse. For people that have to have the best, this is it!


Super Fuse

This fuse is filled with a 1/3 anti-vibration material and 2/3 Super Black Out mixture for even better EMI and RF control. The result is superior sound.

Premiere Super Fuse

This fuse is just like the standard Super Fuse, except we've added our NEW I Core Technology to the fuse. Upgrade today for a difference you can hear.

Premier Bees Wax Super Fuse

This fuse is identical to the Premier Super Fuse, only we've replaced the standard anti-vibration material with Bees Wax in a very intense process. This fuse gives all the great attributes of the Standard Premier with a very organic flavor. All Audio Magic fuses have had extensive testing done to make sure the fuses blow at the ratings the manufacturer intended; and, no, they will not leak as the fluid solidifies after about an hour of being in.

Nano-Liquid Premium Fuses

We are known for having the quietest, best-sounding fuses on the market today. When it comes to stopping noise, our innovative designs use a variety of tricks no one else does. We stop the elements from vibrating at 50-60Hz because this causes a lot of noise. This is accomplished by injecting the fuse with a proprietary liquid anti-vibration material that stops vibration in its tracks. Our Black Out mixture is also injected and neutralizes both internal and external EMI and RF waves.

Each fuse is treated with our Nano Streaming process which brings the crystalline structure of any metal in the fuse closer together. This removes static discharge in the fuse and makes all metal parts better conductors. Finally, we incorporate our exclusive I Core Technology into the Premier line. This process allows energy going through the fuse to do so in a uniform manner, increasing efficiency. The Nano Premium Liquid Fuse is just the entry level fuse and incorporates a mixture of anti-vibration fluid and Black Out Material blended together in the fuse.

Speaker Cables

Our speaker cables are made with silver conductors and a 1/2" outer diameter shell. We then fill the shell with our proprietary Blackout SHD powder.  Choose from screw-on banana plugs or spades with each cable. They are cryo treated with MST and are very detailed, transparent, smooth, dynamic, and musical.

Excalibur II

The Excalibur II products are all true high-end audio cables. What's more, they're available at an amazing price!

Interconnects & Digital Cables

These products employ two pure silver conductors. They feature lockable connectors with Teflon air dielectrics and are cryo treated with MST. These cables are detailed, very smooth, quiet, and dynamic. They also offer great staging, musicality, and they'll easily run with other cables costing twice as much!

The Natural

Audio Magic proudly introduces a new product line called "The Natural." The Natural line of cables includes interconnects, power cords, speaker cables, and digital cables. This is our statement line and is, without question, the quietest and most musical line of cables on the planet!

The Technology

We first take a special tubing blend and insert a silver conductor up the tubing, filling it with our Blackout SHD powder. This powder stops the ringing of the conductor that can occur with room vibration or simply signal running up the conductor. The Blackout Liquid also removes any EMI or RF running up the conductor, making for a powerful One-Two Punch to remove the noise.

We don't stop there! We also put a particle cover stock over the tubing to remove any static discharge internally in the cable, as well as 100% block off EMI or RF entering the cable. This is followed by a braided shield to add strength and even more noise protection. All cables are also treated with our proprietary Nano Streaming Technology, which greatly aids in the transmission of signal. All materials are cryo treated. We use high-quality connectors, modified bullet plugs, Watt Gate, and Neutrik.

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