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Clear Audio with Power Conditioners & PEA

At Audio Magic, we're always looking to make audio cleaner, instruments clearer, and to get the most from every piece of audio equipment. That's where parts like power conditioners and pulsed electron alignment come in! Check out our selection of parts to make even the most high-end audio system sound even better.

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Mini Mite PEA

The Mini Mite was designed to go inside equipment, even if space is an issue. This small option is great for small equipment, but if you have the room, a standard pulsed electron alignment part has four times the power. The Mini Mite is $200.

The Standard

This is the work horse, as it has many applications because of its size. The Standard can be used inside equipment, on top of equipment, on speaker boxes, or even on walls. Use your imagination, because anywhere there are electrons, you'll hear a positive effect in the sound produced. The Standard is $600.

The Monolith

The Monolith is our largest, most powerful PEA. It's designed to stand beside each speaker and would be beneficial to have one behind the listener as well. It allows sound waves to arrive at the listening position much easier, allowing for a large soundstage, better dynamics, and perfect detail. These are $1,500 each.

How PEAs Work

The theory about Pulsed Electron Alignment is based on how electrons spin. They spin either up or down in a phenomenon called spintronics. When there are billions of electrons all spinning their own way, it can create chaos in and around components. By aligning the electrons, you create a more efficient space and eliminate noise. This means that your listening experience is more realistic, with a more musical presentation featuring tighter, more dynamic bass, highs that are delicate and more natural and beautiful midranges. These take your system to a whole new level, and they work for everyone! Our PEAs do not include batteries but do have optional power supplies, so you don't need batteries.


When only the best will do, you need the Oracle. This power conditioner is available in a clear 1/2" acrylic cabinet and helps power the finest audio systems in the world with four Type 2 Pulse Gen Technology units—a high-precision Pulse Gen Module, two Mega Liquid Air Modules, and Ground Disruptor Technology—all paired with a separate amplifier and digital, low level circuits. The unit features 10 gauge silver conductors and cryo and MST treated premium capacitors, along with six Oxaide duplexes and two 20 amp mini breakers. The 18" wide by 17" deep and 8.5" tall unit is available in 120v or 240v and requires two power cords, which are not included.

Mini Reference Gen II

This power conditioner is housed in a 1/2" acrylic cabinet and delivers high-end performance at a modest price. The Mini Reference Gen II features second generation Pulse Gen Technology, Type 2 Liquid Air Module, Ground Disruptor Technology, and 10 gauge silver conductors. The cables are cryo and MST treated and electronics include premium capacitors, four hospital-grade duplexes, and a 20 amp mini breaker. There is no power cord included, and the unit measures 12" wide by 9.5" deep and 5" tall. It's available in both 120v and 240v. Check out the PDF to learn more.


The XXX Gen II Power Conditioner comes in a beautiful 1/2" acrylic cabinet and provides super high-quality performance in any audio setup. Type 2 Pulse Gen Technology, a Type 2 Liquid Air Module, Ground Disruptor Technology, and a separate amplifier circuit are combined with quality 10 gauge silver conductors, cryo and MST treated premium capacitors, five hospital grade duplexes, and two 20 amp mini breakers to deliver crisp, clear sound. The conditioner requires two power cables that aren't included and is available in 120v or 240v. The device is 18" wide by 13" deep and 5" tall.


Housed in a unique 1/2" blue acrylic cabinet, the Nexus power conditioner delivers state-of-the-art performance thanks to Type 2 Pulse Gen Technology, two Type 2 Liquid Air Modules, Ground Disruptor Technology, and a separate amplifier with digital, low-level circuits. The unit has 10 gauge silver conductors, cryo and MST treated premium capacitors, five hospital grade duplexes, and two 20 amp mini breakers for crystal clear audio. The unit requires two power cords which aren't included and has a footprint of 18" wide, 12" deep, and 5" tall. It is available in 120v to 240v.

The Q Power Conditioner

The Q is the latest addition to our line of power conditioners. They're designed to deliver luxury audio at an introductory price. The Q comes with a 1/2" acrylic cabinet that looks great, as well as Pulse Generation Technology, a liquid air module, and 10 gauge silver conductors. Two heavy duty duplexes and cryo treated MST work with premium capacitors, and a 20 amp mini-breaker to create quality sound. The unit is available in 120v and 240v; you need only supply a power cord. It measures 8" wide by 8" deep and 5" tall.